What is Forex?

    1. What is Forex?

      Learn about this massively huge financial market where fiat currencies are traded.

  1. What Is Traded In Forex?

    Currencies are the name of the game. Yes, you can buy and sell currencies against each other as a short-term trade, long-term investment, or something in-between.

  2. Buying And Selling Currency Pairs

    The first thing that you need to know about forex trading is that currencies are traded in pairs; you can’t buy or sell a currency without another.

  3. Forex Market Size And Liquidity

    The Forex market is yuuuuuuuggggeeee! And that comes with a lot of benefits for currency traders!

  4. The Different Ways To Trade Forex

    Some of the more popular ways that traders participate in the forex market is through the spot market, futures, options, and exchange-traded funds.

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